Welcome to Interpretive Challenges!

Friends and Followers,

Thanks for your interest in my blog, Interpretive Challenges.

Check the “About Me and this Blog” for more information on me as well as information on the blog. One thing to keep in mind is that I will not be making daily posts (too much to do otherwise) but I did think (and have been encouraged and cautioned by other blogger friends) to start using cyberspace to open up discussions on things that are challenging to the worlds of historic preservation and public history.


I look forward to some interesting conversations in which everyone may not agree but we can all respectively and reflectively hear each other out.




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    3 responses to “Welcome to Interpretive Challenges!

    1. Bill Backus

      Very excited about this blog! I’m looking forward to many thought-provoking discussions!

    2. I hope you will find that posting at least every other day is something you can manage. I try to post at least once a week, but that is difficult with all my other distractions. I look forward to your reflections and ruminations on the subject.

    3. Joe Rizzo

      Looking forward to more posts!

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