New blog with great promise

I wanted to make everyone aware of a new blog which promises to challenge our general premise that the American Civil War ended in 1865 (academic historians and even museum sites are beginning to push back on the convenient 1865 end date).

A friend of mine and a good (young) historian, Brian Jordan has just launched the Grand Army Blog. I have attached it as well to my blogroll and I hope you will add it to your favorites and keep check on it.

Brain promises to provide us with a new lens of seeing the war from the perspective of Union veterans as they returned to their communities or perhaps struck out for new communities in the aftermath of debilitating wounds or Confederate surrenders in 1865. I have been lucky enough to hear him speak publicly on this matter and to have discussions with him about his research.


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One response to “New blog with great promise

  1. From some brief browsing, this is an interesting site, but I’m not 100% sure I follow where the war is “ending” in newer histories. it looks like this is really more a conversation about the lasting impact of war, and what other historians would consider part of the discussion about trauma, and things generally slapped under the label of “Reconstruction”…(or post-Reconstruction, given all these 1880s events?)
    To me this feels very much in sync with conversations in Prof. Jeff McClurken’s classes, and conversations in Prof. Carter Hudgins’ class on Public Memory and History…

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