Amazing new Civil War web tool

Dear Readers,

After first seeing this in a BETA form some time ago, I am proud to say that Visualizing Emancipation has launched.

This project is Funded by a We the People grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and is a project of the University of Richmond’s Digital Scholarship Lab and very exciting…you, me, everyone who can conduct research and submit information to this project. I honestly believe that is going to be a fascinating part of this project. Don’t worry, submissions are reviewed/moderated to ensure accurate placement of information and that the information generally conforms to good historical research methods. Visualizing Emancipation is part of the larger “Hidden Patterns of the Civil War” that the Digital Scholarship Lab is crafting.

Happy researching and happy submissions. I’ve already submitted several.



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2 responses to “Amazing new Civil War web tool

  1. Dear Mr. Dabney,
    Thanks very much for noticing our site. I’ve added the events you contributed to the map (the first one is here: I hope you’ll continue to contribute to our site!
    Best regards,
    Scott Nesbit

    • Mr. Nesbit,

      Thanks for that quick add! I certainly intend to continue to contribute to this project as I have been looking forward to its release. This will be a great visual resource to see where and when emancipation occurred before and after the famous Proclamation.

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