Civil War Institute Talk Now Online

Followers who were busy on July 4th and 5th can now view my talk online. I thank my friend Pete Carmichael for asking me to come, the wonderful staff of the Civil War Institute for their work in organizing (especially Diane and Allison), and those who participated in asking questions and continuing this and other conversations at CWI a couple weeks ago.

I have since gotten very nice comments from friends and strangers and I appreciate those too.

To view:

In this medium, the conversation can continue for those who wish to do so.


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3 responses to “Civil War Institute Talk Now Online

  1. CW

    Mr. Dabney I caught the second half of your impressive CWI presentation this morning PCN. (PA’s CSPAN) I present the story of the crater to my 9th grade classes every year. Congratulations on your fine work! Now I will catch your talk from the beginning and take some notes!

  2. Cynthia Booker

    My compliments on your fine presentation. Well done!

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