C-Span 3 Re-Airing Program

Dear Readers,

I apologize for the lack of posts; but, as many of you know I have been consumed with 150th anniversary events. Thus I have not done much traveling this summer and summer is nearly over. Oh well.

You can however check again this Wednesday, August 20th on C-Span 3 (http://www.c-span.org/schedule/?channel=3) for the 150th anniversary commemorative program that took place at the Crater battlefield which plays at 8PM. Then around 9:15, the program I gave at the Civil War Institute this year about the United States Colored Troops (USCTs) at the Crater will air. Finally, at 10:15, Kevin Levin’s (of Civil War Memory) program will air.

If you’re busy on Wednesday night, an early to bed person, or a TV news person, you can always catch the USCT talk I gave on the C-Span website.


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4 responses to “C-Span 3 Re-Airing Program

  1. I enjoyed your presentation last night on C-SPAN3. Petersburg and the Crater don’t really loom large in our historical memory of the CW, but they should, as the fate of the Confederate capital and the war hung in the balance there. Thanks for your contribution to the effort to achieve a wider understanding of these events.

  2. Pat Young

    I saw your recently televised presentations and I read your fine article in Blue and Gray. Very commendable work. Thank you for bringing us this part of our nation’s history.

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