More on Finding Your Roots controversy

As some of you may be aware now, Ben Affleck released a statement about the episode with Henry Louis Gates.

However, there is more troubling news surrounding Gates. Gawker got access to the script. So it is clear Gates knew about the request from Affleck as you can see in the link of timing of the e-mails versus timing of the air date. It’s also clear that the initial plan was to include Affleck’s slave holding ancestor.

I do not know why Gates censored this through editing. I really enjoyed this show but I am left wondering, what else has been cut or altered? The best line I ever heard about genealogy: You have to take your family tree. All of it. When you start trimming branches, you leave a part of your history on the ground.

Seems strange that Henry Gates became the gardener in the history field.


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One response to “More on Finding Your Roots controversy

  1. So far as I know the people (on these shows) who have their family histories done do so on a volunteer bases. Perhaps they should hold some control over what is shown. The show could always decide not to show their segment. I have always said that when it came time to tell my family history it should be a tell all, as history should be. I never said however that all of us has to agree with that. I do think we all have made too much of this.

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