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A Black-Canadian family’s possible connection with Stratford Hall

Some readers may not be aware that a few weeks ago, a story came out about Elise Harding-Davis, who believes she is a descendant of a slave woman named Kizzy, who could possibly be the half-sister of Robert Edward Lee, the Confederate army commander. Kizzy would be the daughter of an enslaved woman and revered Revolutionary War commander (but poor businessman and debtor), “Light-Horse Harry” Lee. This oral tradition has come down through her family and more can be read about it HERE.

Stratford Hall’s Director of Research composed a blogpost sharing what she could find from documentary records about the possibility of a “Kizzy” (or similar/related spellings). You can find her post HERE.

So I’m curious what y’all think after reading that? To what level should we weigh oral history on subjects that were considered taboo or improper to write about or converse about in Euro-American communities? African and African-American and Native American/Indian people often have richer oral histories than are written.

What say YOU however?


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